Welcome to CSM Renewal 2007

Welcome to CSM Renewal 2007. This blog is for members of the Christian Socialist Movement who are interested in renewing and changing CSM. In Proverbs it says: "Where there is no vision the people perish" (Prov 29:18). We fear that CSM is perishing from lack of vision, and we need to renew CSM: - Prayerfully restore CSM’s values and objects to the heart of everything it does; - Actively be the prophetic conscience of the Labour Party and a prophetic voice to the churches; - Boldly take a stand against the religious right and campaign to make poverty, social justice and the environment mainstream Christian issues; - Sustainably ensure CSM’s financial security without accepting sponsorship from organisations that compromise our values; - Immediately make CSM fit for purpose and the organisation more democratic, accountable and Christian. Find out more about our new vision for CSM below, and if you like it sign up to CSM Renewal 2007.

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Positive developments in CSM

CSM has much of which it can be proud. The recent revision of the values of the Movement helped to refocus our attention on what we stand for as Christian Socialists in the twenty-first century.

A small but vibrant CSM youth movement is meeting for regular fellowship, and organising speakers and residentials.

The new website and rebranding with the focus on ‘Christianity, progressive politics and social justice’ is attracting over half of all new members.

The recent policy submission on Trident clearly translated a core CSM value to a contemporary political debate.

The magazine editions and pamphlets continue to offer a quality service to members, and to showcase CSM to the wider world.

Many CSM members hold positions of influence in politics, the church and wider secular life.
And it should be cause for celebration that many CSM members are endeavouring to live out CSM principles in their daily lives – not to mention the two most influential Labour politicians of our time and the most senior church figure in the UK.


Anonymous said...

Our renewed values should direct the making of policies which we believe to be the keys to our future. We also need plans and their effective realisation. What do we know? How do we make policy? Who do we seek to persuade? How can we persuade? What actions can start making a path into a renewed future? When must we progress?

Anonymous said...

And what don't we know that are known unknowns? What issues are affecting society that we may be able to bring light unto? Drawing from our reasoned and imparted values basis how can we, the movement of CSM, individually and collectively, enhance religious cohesion? How can we be outward looking for our country through reformulating an ethical foreign policy that encompasses our passion for international development? How can we ensure that those 'of faith' are not segregated in society and stereotyped in contrast to economic prosperity for all? How can we as a collective movement, as an organisation do good business? How can we promote good business built on socialist values rather than capitualiting to rampant and individualistic free-market economics?