Welcome to CSM Renewal 2007

Welcome to CSM Renewal 2007. This blog is for members of the Christian Socialist Movement who are interested in renewing and changing CSM. In Proverbs it says: "Where there is no vision the people perish" (Prov 29:18). We fear that CSM is perishing from lack of vision, and we need to renew CSM: - Prayerfully restore CSM’s values and objects to the heart of everything it does; - Actively be the prophetic conscience of the Labour Party and a prophetic voice to the churches; - Boldly take a stand against the religious right and campaign to make poverty, social justice and the environment mainstream Christian issues; - Sustainably ensure CSM’s financial security without accepting sponsorship from organisations that compromise our values; - Immediately make CSM fit for purpose and the organisation more democratic, accountable and Christian. Find out more about our new vision for CSM below, and if you like it sign up to CSM Renewal 2007.

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Actively be the prophetic conscience of the Labour Party and a prophetic voice to the churches

· Seek opportunities in the Labour Party and the public square to promote the positive contribution of faith to politics
· Develop better links with and support for CSM parliamentarians and work with them to advocate for CSM’s values and objects
· Provide a strong prophetic voice during the period of transition to a Brown Government
Help the Party reconnect with values as the foundation of policy
Be a prophetic voice to the churches


Anonymous said...

What are their issues?

Anonymous said...

Abortion, Adoption, Homosexuality? A sign of hope and faith within the community not a sign simply set apart from society? Faith schools? Religious cohesion? Social Justice and Poverty?